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Pipeline Mapping is a specialised part of Merrett Survey Partnerships worldwide survey services.

As well as data collection in the field, we offer data processing services and act as consultants, providing training for pipeline operators in GPS, Survey and Geodesy. Merrett Surveys have vast experience providing GPS surveys for AGM (Above Ground Marker) locations associated with IMU based pipeline mapping. We have skills to optimise the accuracy of your mapping system. Detailed reports enable crews to set out AGM's accurately and swiftly.
Field mapping required before the design of oil, gas and petroleum pipelines is a service we also provide. We can do this using aerial mapping with photogrammetry or airborne laser scanning - Lidar, or ground based in field GPS or DGPS methods.

Prior to (or after) construction of a pipeline, an airborne LiDAR survey allows for the identification of off-line concerns such as rivers, streams, ditches and buildings and provides an accurate portrayal of ground conditions along the pipeline.

We also provide terrestrial laser scanning services, often used in oil and gas plants for clash detection.

GPS services for pipeline mapping

We carry out pipeline asset surveys and can incorporate this data into a GIS for a variety of uses such as class location risk analysis. This work is often generated through pipeline safety regulatory requirements, necessitating in-line inspection, integrity analysis and risk assessment. Many pipeline operators use GIS for managing their assets, planning mitigation strategies, and developing integrity plans. Pipeline mapping provides the data for the GIS, and it is vital that field data collection is completed in a reliable and accurate way.

The pipeline mapping work is a vital part of any pipeline integrity management scheme. For pipeline operators working in USA, it will help compliance with DOT regulations such as "the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's Rules on Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas for Hazardous Liquid Operators (49 CFR Part 195)."

Mapping without an IMU

We have developed a method of 'mapping' pipelines from the surface without the use of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Measuring the buried pipe from the surface we can create a full 3D model of the pipe. Using specialist software that we have developed, we can then adjust your MFL inspection data onto the 3D pipe and thus provide every weld, feature and defect of the pipe with full 3D coordinates. This method has proved to be extremely accurate (exceeding IMU accuracies).

Having merged your MFL data to provide accurate co-ordinates of every anomaly and defect, we can then stake out those defects for you - saving time and cost on repair and investigative digs and excavations.
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